Give Your Business the Edge

IPedge is the award winning IP telephone system launched by Toshiba and it has made the lives of business owners extremely easy. This IP based communication system is extremely powerful and comes loaded with innumerable features. Besides the standard feature offered by any other business communication system, you will be able to avail features like transfer of voice mail, putting a call on hold, sped dial extensions, conference calls and automatic redials.

To meet your business needs, Toshiba IPedge offers three models:

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Features that make IPedge the most sought after communication system are as follows:

  • Voice mail with the unified messaging – You need to make sure that all the callers get the right information and that all calls are attended to. You will be able to view as well as manage the voice mail and email in one inbox that has easy message recovery integrated with it. Also it is extremely easy to manage the messages from anywhere with the mailbox options that can configured by users.

  • Unified Communications – IPedge facilitates easy management of calls from laptop, notebook or PC with applications like click to call. You will also be able to see the current status of your employees and communicate with them through instant messaging. Even the Microsoft Lync list can be used to make or transfer calls. Integration of the communication system with CRM program too becomes supremely easy.

  • Video conferencing and web collaboration – You will be able to extend the video or web collaboration features to your employees. Using the Toshiba’s Meeting they will be able to share videos and even desktops using the standard web browser.

  • Mobility solutions – Even the mobile phone users on your network will be able to avail the rich features offered by IPedge phone system while creating a wireless communication network. Some features like Fine Me/Follow Me, call routing and simultaneous ringing of the mobile phones and desk phones facilitates mobility.

  • IPedge for Contact Centre – Contact owners will not only be able to serve their customers efficiently and quickly but also in a cost effective manner. Irrespective of the size of your organization, you will be able to meet customer demands with ease. IPedge has been created for the most sophisticated business where customer call handling is the most important aspect.

  • The advantage of single server – IPedge uses only one server for all the applications which saves a lot of money. Instead of using separate servers for each application, you will be able to use only a single server for all the purposes. This not only saves money but also makes management of the system easier.

  • A wide range of endpoints for every user – Irrespective of the type of device the users use, you will be able to offer them the advantage of IPedge. Thus, it does not matter whether you are using an iPhone or a digital desk phone – all can be connected to the IPedge system.

IPedge is here to make it easier for every user to manage and carry out enterprise communication easily. Compare the features with any other system available in the market and we are sure you will have definite reasons to go with Toshiba IPedge.