IP/Digital Business Telephones For Better Business

IP digital business phones form the backbone of business communication for several businesses across the world. Toshiba is the leading telephone and console manufacturer in the world and they have introduced simplicity to every set they have manufactured. Users are able to avail the latest telephony features that are sophisticated yet very easy to use and customize. Toshiba’s telephones and consoles are designed to take the knocks of any busy workplace Toshiba has debunked the myth that everything that offers high performance has to be extremely complex. We add in an ingenious concept called simplicity that makes advanced features easy-to-use and easy to customize. High performance doesn’t have to mean highly complicated.

We are offering extremely flexible solutions for you to create just the appropriate communication system to support your business. You can choose from a wide range of Toshiba 5000 series Digital and IP telephones. We are also offering Toshiba’s DP5000 series* digital phones as well and these telephones are extremely compatible Strata CIX system.

* Toshiba also offers DP5000-Series Digital telephones which are compatible with Strata CIX telephone systems.


This is one of the most advanced communication solutions that support Toshiba’s IP5000 Series telephone systems and mobility products.

Strata CIX

This communication solution has been designed to support businesses with thousands of users. It supports support Toshiba’s IP5000 Series and DP5000 series telephone systems and mobility products.


Just like IPedge, this supports Toshiba’s IP5000 Series and DP5000 series telephone systems and mobility products. It also supports IP4100-series wireless telephones.

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