VoIP Call Center

VoIP Call Center

VoIP call centers have all the right ingredients to deliver improved customer satisfaction. And, customer service plays a critical role for the success of brands all over the world. Industry pundits firmly believe that customer service and not price will be the primary brand differentiation in the coming years. Recent reports from McKinsey reveal that companies investing in superior customer support are going to drive in 10%-15% higher revenue and witness 20% rise in customer satisfaction rates. VoIP call center are going to play a crucial role in delivering better customer experience. The selection of technology for operating contact centers will be extremely important.

It is a known fact that call centers use complex telephony systems. However, with the rise in competition, the push to provide better client services has also gained momentum. VoIP call centers are looking beyond the conventional telephony features to enhance their customer service. VoIP, or, Voice over Internet Telephony services are loaded with incredible features that facilitate better customer service as well as cost savings for companies. The use of VoIP is not at all risky or foolish – in fact it is a necessity for any modern business. Let us look at some of the most compelling reasons behind choosing VoIP:

Ultimate Flexibility Through Call Routing

The availability of customized options for ACD (Automated Call Distribution) makes it easier for the business to decide the routing of calls among customer representatives or employees of various departments. Once an business has finalized the classification of its employees, it can choose any of the call distribution options like regular distribution, circular distribution, and weighted distribution. Thus, VoIP offers the ultimate flexibility to companies to create their customized call distribution solution, which fits the expertise of their agents.

Scaling Up Of Operations

Call volumes have predictable patterns and there are months, weeks, and days when they can really peak. Often it is seen that during festivals and holidays the call volumes increase massively. Companies should be ready to tackle higher call volumes by adding more lines to their existing telephony system. VoIP management portals help companies to easily manage their number of telephone lines which can be increased or decreased with just a few clicks. Thus, scaling up of operations is a matter of a few minutes for VoIP call centers.

Remote Workforce Stay Connected

Modern businesses are recruiting flexible workforce who work from various parts of the world (even from their homes). Now managing such a hugely distributed workforce can be extremely stressful and inefficient when they fail to stay connected to a central communication system. A VoIP call center is the perfect solution for managing remote workers who can stay connected with their respective departments.

Push for Automation

Customer telephone systems can be easily automated with the help of various add-on features. Often we get to see customers getting frustrated while encountering lengthy phone menus. This problem can be tackled with the help of IVR that VoIP systems offer. Interactive Voice Recognition will certainly improve call routing. Visual voicemail along with email inbox integration are some other features that would push for the automation of a company’s communication system.

VoIP Call Center Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Customers are very impatient by nature and a slight delay can cause permanent damage to a company’s image. Modern companies need to address urgency factor and reach out to customers instantly. This can be achieved only when the enterprises become a VoIP call center, which can ultimately lead to better customer satisfaction.

Companies looking to improve their customer satisfaction need to improve their contact centers. Customer service agents play a very crucial role during client interactions and you need to equip them with the best telephony technology.

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