One Call Communications designs and installs full structured cabling. We do this for both your existing office premises or a new facility you are planning to move into.

Structured cabling has to be planned properly, designed well and installed with the proper tools. Doing this will ensure your network connectivity works successfully for years to come.Cabling

Our cabling solutions are of the highest quality and you can build an Ethernet infrastructure that will ably support your voice and data needs for the present and the future. We build standards based copper or fiber optic solutions that will provide optimum performance and flexibility.

Structured Cabling usually includes the following:

  • Entrance facilities
  • Vertical and horizontal pathways
  • Vertical and horizontal cables
  • Horizontal pathways
  • Horizontal cables
  • Work area outlets
  • Equipment room
  • Telecommunication closets
  • Cross-connect facilities
  • Multi-user telecommunications outlet assemblies
  • Transition points
  • Consolidation points

Adhering to standards while designing and installing a cabling system provides many advantages. Read our blogpost on the advantages of Structured Cabling here. With high performance copper and fiber cabling, recycling of cabling is avoided, and several generations of electronics can be accommodated. Consistency in design and installation ensure universal connectivity and error free transmission of both voice and data.

As a full service cabling company, One Call Communications deliver start to finish cabling services. This includes the following:

  1. Consultation
  2. Site survey
  3. Design and engineering
  4. Supply of all required materials
  5. Complete installation and testing
  6. Certification
  7. Maintenance and support

To learn more about our voice and data cabling services, call us today!