Toshiba Mobility Solutions

The demands of business today are immediate.  Just because you’re away from your desk, you can’t afford to be out of touch.  Toshiba knows this — that’s why they offer mobility solutions that are both flexible and affordable.  No matter what your needs, be they local, campus-wide, between locations, or across the globe, Toshiba Mobility Solutions has you covered.

Free your desktop phone and take it with you anywhere within range of a cellular or IP connection.  And there’s no need to worry — you’ll be taking all of your office phone’s features, privileges and preferences with you.  You can receive, manage or place any calls on any device equipped for voice calls, such as a tablet, PC, smartphone or wireless handset.

Mobility itself can mean anything from roving your halls with a digital cordless phone that communicates with a wireless local area network that’s in the same building to globetrotting with a smartphone that communicates with the towers of its carriers and even satellites as well.

With mobility solutions provided by Toshiba, you can:

  • Receive and make business calls from an enabled device anywhere that has Wi-Fi access: a coffee shop, your hotel room, an airport lounge, and so on.
  • Accept calls via one number that cycles through your office phone, home phone and cell phone.
  • Use your Apple® or Android™ phones as an extension to the Toshiba phone system.
  • Utilize features of your Toshiba phone system wherever you have an IP connection.
  • Use wireless SIP DECT phones across the campus, along with the desktop phone features they provide.
  • Range anywhere you want in your building using Toshiba’s highest-quality cordless digital telephones.
Your Choices of Mobility Capabilities For Toshiba Phone Systems Available for Toshiba IP
Telephone Systems
Strata CIX IPedge VIPedge
Toshiba Mobility Applications
Call Manager – Software that manages messages and calls from a wireless laptop or tablet. x x x
Call Manager Mobile – Allows use of your smartphone as a phone system extension. x
FeatureFlex Mobility – Create new features and modify existing ones. x
IP User Mobility – Ensure your phone profile and directory number follows you wherever you go. x x x
IPMobility – Enables use of your Android or iOS phone as a system extension. x
IPT Survivability – Allows failover capabilities in case a server becomes unavailable. x x
Simultaneous Ring – Callers ring your desktop and cell phone simultaneously. x
Twinning – Callers ring a desktop and cell phone simultaneously, with voice mail mobility. x x x
uMobility – Use a smartphone to place or answer calls. x x
Toshiba Mobility Endpoints
Polycom SpectraLink Phones – In-building, secure mobility using existing WiFi. x x
SoftIPT Sofphone – Software that allows a laptop or tablet to perform as a phone. x x
Toshiba DKT Cordless Phones – Affordable handsets enabling in-building mobility. x
Toshiba IP4100 Phones – For in-building mobility while using DECT base stations. x x x

While gaining more ways to connect, using IP and digital, wired and wireless, cellular, cordless and the Internet — your environment for communications doesn’t have to get increasingly complicated at the same time.  Toshiba’s Mobility Solutions can help you liberate your users from their desks while at the same time blend the increasing number of communications channels.