Ways to Address VoIP QOS Issues

VoIP-based technology has taken over the world of communication. There is no doubt about it. However, the thing is that this new technology is not always foolproof. There have been cases when the users are troubled by call quality issues and related problems. They try various troubleshooting tools and steps to solve the issue. At

VoIP Call Center

VoIP Call Center

VoIP call centers have all the right ingredients to deliver improved customer satisfaction. And, customer service plays a critical role for the success of brands all over the world. Industry pundits firmly believe that customer service and not price will be the primary brand differentiation in the coming years. Recent reports from McKinsey reveal that

Top 3 Benefits Unified Communications Promise Remote Workers

All our previous posts on Unified Communications (UC) were focused on different types of job functions in a business. This, probably, was the starting point for the inclusion of UC. And, this will take up a major part of the activity as far as bandwidth consumption and utilization of UC applications is concerned. However, this

VoIP Phone

Monitoring Voice Quality of VoIP Phone Connection?

VoIP phone calls are still in their infancy and the technology has not fully matured. But more importantly, users have to still get used to their systems. The comfort of a telephone system that you have used for over 60 years is now going away. Dial tones are gone, and you have to make a

VoIP Security

Encrypt for Better VoIP Security

VoIP security is critical if you want to use your phone without worries. If you are a VoIP user, it is imperative to learn ways to keep your communication system protected from unwanted breaches and hacks. VoIP has revolutionized communication in a big way; however, it has also given rise to a number of security

VoIP For Business

Top Features of VOIP For Business

VoIP for business is usually misunderstood to favor only large scale businesses and the ones that have deep pockets. However, just the opposite is true. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is extremely cost effective and can be leveraged by any business regardless of its size and scale. Every business, including the ones that operate

VoIP Voice Quality

5 Factors For High VoIP Voice Quality

The overall performance of Voice over Internet Protocol is decided by the quality of your voice conversation. Apart from cost, one main reason that has encouraged businesses to deploy VoIP applications is better VoIP voice quality on calls. Better quality of audio communication can help businesses in many ways, which include their internal communication, customer


Why Collaboration Is Easier With UC

New innovations have changed the way people do business, communicate with each other, and share things. Unified Communications (UC) is just a natural progression of the VoIP enabled communication system. With it, one can transition from one application to another within seconds and that is exactly what professionals need today. To increase the pace of


Five Reasons To Be Excited About 5G

5G has finally arrived with a lot of promise in terms of speed and capacity. This has also given rise to another hot topic for discussion – what does the future hold for 5G and why would you and I should be excited about it? We are all aware of the fact that 2G was


Breakup With PSTN Line Already?

Have you switched over to VoIP based telecommunication service? Wow, that’s great news. You have really grown up in terms of technology. By the way, what about your good old PSTN line? Have you kept it as a backup or have you dumped it, parting ways forever? If it is still there that is really