Breakup With PSTN Line Already?

Have you switched over to VoIP based telecommunication service? Wow, that’s great news. You have really grown up in terms of technology.

By the way, what about your good old PSTN line? Have you kept it as a backup or have you dumped it, parting ways forever? If it is still there that is really a great news and an indeed the wisest of decisions you could have taken. Or have you parted ways with it? Oh no! That is indeed a terrible decision that you have taken and one that can all but be appreciated.

What? You want me to keep the Neanderthal? Why? Let me explain?

Frankly speaking, switching over to VoIP does not necessarily indicate that you have to ditch your land line phone service. In spite of having VoIP, you might still need your PSTN line.

There are actually a number of factors that needs to be taken into consideration before you part ways with your PSTN line.

Firstly, you need to take into consideration, the issue of Power Outage. VoIP and the other related devices like phone adapters, routers and so on are all electrically powered. This means, whenever there is a power potage due to any technical snag or storm or whatever reason, that poses a lot of trouble for the VoIP will simply not work. It is then, when the good old PSTN line comes in handy to contacting people or even making the service calls for tech support.

Secondly, in spite of the tug of war or tussle that is going on between the PSTN companies and the VoIP service providers, the reality is that the VoIP also at times need PSTN service. In a number of cases, the VoIP packages that are offered are done so only as money-saving as well as feature-rich improved avatars of the traditional PSTN service. In these cases, the quality of VoIP services that are available is straight away dependable on the PSTN line. This comes in particularly true in case of the device-based services, in which the PSTN line has to be plugged on one side of the VoIP device to activate it.

Thirdly, the quality of the call of the VoIP services is in no way, anywhere near the quality of calls that you will get in the traditional PSTN line. In words, the VoIP phones come nowhere near the PSTN phones, in terms of voice quality. In fact, VoIP do not come anywhere near the PSTN voice quality, let along beating it. Hence, in case you find any distortion in the voice quality on the VoIP phones, you can quickly hang up that phone and switch back to the PSTN phone, to complete the call. The reason behind this is simply because, VoIP sends certain voice packets through the internet connection, by using a protocol , which is known as Used Datagram Protocol (UDP), which is still not that dependable, at least from the technological point of view. On the other hand, the PSTN works through a dedicated line, which is far more reliable when it comes to transmitting each and every conversation.

Thus, even if you switch over to VoIP, you should always maintain your PSTN line as a backup!

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