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Data Security And Public WiFi Networks

There is no lack of free Wi-Fi networks in all the major cities and towns across the world. As a traveler, you will always find Wi-Fi networks at various public places like restaurants, airports, hotels and even in parks. This is a real boon for people who want to work on the go or simply stay connected. However, one thing that we often forget to consider is the data security risks involved in getting hooked up to these unreliable networks.

We often tend to overlook the data security aspect of public networks due to our eagerness to enjoy a free Internet connection. We skip the general welcome screen or any other pop up messages while signing up. This is a perfect set up for marketing firms that are ready to give free bandwidth in exchange for your phone number or email address.

Would you give up your privacy just to get free Internet at a public place?

Providing personal information can set you up for bigger problems like fraud and scams. Thus, it is important to read all the clauses included in the terms and conditions screen to ensure data security. You will get to learn how the Internet service provider intends to use the information. Is the Internet connection worth the information you’re providing? An alternate email id that you do not use for any other purpose can come in handy during such a situation.

Regular travelers can stick to only the official or advertised Wi-Fi networks, which are set up at airports, coffee shops, bars etc. There are several instances of hackers setting up free Wi-Fi networks to trap unsuspecting users. In case you come across networks that look too fishy or offer unimaginable freebies then it is best to avoid such networks.

Here are some tips to ensure watertight data security even when you are connected to free public Wi-Fi networks:

Secure Apps and Websites

It is important that you only use secure apps and websites while on a free public Wi-Fi network. Secure websites are marked by the green padlock that appears on the address bar of a browser. Refrain from doing anything important while you are using unsecured connection and that will automatically ensure data security. Hackers won’t be able to steal your personal information because all your transactions are carried out on secure websites.

In case you’re using your phone to connect to an unsecure network, use the browser instead of an app. Browsers verify everything before establishing a connection and the minute they detect anything fishy, your connection will be cut. Apps on the other hand are unable to verify bogus credentials and will give access to bots quite easily. You’re at the mercy of scammers while using apps on a public Wi-Fi network.

Installing VPN App For Data Security

Installing a VPN app can make your browsing extremely safe on unsecured Wi-Fi networks. This will protect you from snooping, besides hiding your location details. Any traffic that passes through the VPN app is rerouted to encrypted and dedicated server that guarantees absolute data security.

VPN services don’t come for free and you will have to subscribe for a reputable service that ensures total protection. There are several companies that provide mobile and desktop apps that are both easy to install and use.

Many reputable companies are offering their VPN services and you can choose the one that suits your budget and requirements.

You can even give free VPN services a try; there are a few that are quite good and enjoy a good reputation in the market.

Stay safe and protect yourself and you family.

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