Guide to VoIP: A Business Telephone System

When you’ve been exploring options for telephones in the office, you’ve surely encountered VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. This technology enables you to make a call using data instead of hard sound. You speak into a phone, the system translates it into data that can be transmitted easier and cheaper than sound, then the other end of the line (a computer again) changes it back to sound output.

One Call Communications explains more below.

What Is VoIP?

As the name implies, it uses the internet as a medium through which the call happens instead of the traditional land-based phone, which uses copper wires. You need the following for it to work:

  1. A computer capable of running VoIP software.

  2. A VoIP program or app.

  3. A stable internet connection.

Keep in mind that the person on the other line does not need your technology for this to work. This technology lets you call and be called on a mobile phone, a landline phone, and anywhere you have a computer, internet connection, and the right software.

Can You Use a Traditional Phone With a VoIP System?

If you’re looking for a business telephone system, it’s easy to use your old landline phone and connect it to your computer. Though, depending on the model of your unit, you may have to buy an additional accessory for it to work.

How Does a VoIP Call Work?

When you’re using this type of technology, you get a phone number just like any subscriber. This number, however, can be from any country. For example, you don’t need a U.S. number just because you live in the U.S.

Whenever you call someone, instead of the usual constant stream of data, VoIP uses packet switching, which sends your data in packets that can easily be transmitted in smaller quantities. This does not require the same open connection as a traditional phone call. It’s up to your computer and the hub on the other part of the world to translate the data packets into sound, such as voice, that you can hear.

It Only Takes One Call for One Call Communications to Set Your VoIP Up

Knowing more about VoIP and other options for your business telephone system is important when making a decision. One Call Communications is happy to set up a consultation to let you know how such a system can benefit your business. Simply give us a call at (888) 823-7373 to learn more and set up an appointment.