VoIP And CRM Integration

Integrate VoIP and CRM

We have spoken a lot about VoIP and CRM and their technical features. There is simply no need to discuss them individually. Both VOIP and CRM are tried and tested technologies with lots of merits.

Let us take a look at the advantages of integrating them. Before we get into the points one by one, one special aspect of the integration needs to be mentioned. The successful marriage between these two very different communication technologies has already brought in a revolution in the world of telecommunication.

Cost Cutting With VoIP

The presence of a redundant PSTN phone communication system along with an existing broadband connection will result in increased communication costs. A successful integration of the CRM and the VoIP helps in a drastic cost-cutting. A large number of long distance calls can be made over the broadband connection, thus negating the extra cost of long distance calls over PSTN phone lines.

Improvement of Communication Quality

When we talk about communicating with customers, the quality of communication is the most important factor. Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect in the field of communication. While modern technologies enable people to seamlessly communicate by chatting or emailing, a voice call is always unparalleled in effect and satisfaction. Everyone feels more comfortable to talk to or listen to the other person. Here the quality of calls is the most important factor. A successful integration between the VoIP and the CRM helps the qualitative aspects of the calls. With VoIP, people can talk to each other for unlimited amounts of time, without having to worry about costs, or suffer from dropped calls or choppy voices.

Improved Data Management Mechanism

A communication system that has CRM and VoIP systems successfully integrated goes a long way in saving time as well as money. The moment a call from a customer is connected, the integrated system draws information from the database and displays it for the executive. This could include name, contact details, phone numbers, orders, mailing addresses, support tickets, history of purchases or orders. The call center executives do not have to ask for these details from the customers. The executive saves time and gets into the crux of the call immediately. They can keep the call limited to understanding and resolving issues of the customer. The executive call also utilise the saved time in up-selling or pitching for additional products or services.

When you address a customer by name, and you seem to know what he has ordered for or is using, he becomes more pliable. He instinctively feels the company has a professional attitude and knows how to manage its customers.

This improves the overall quality of the calls besides helping data management in a big way.

Helps in Professional Handling of the Call

A successful integration of CRM and VoIP helps the handling of each and every call in a more professional way. This is done with the help of proper queuing and routing of the calls. When a call is received at one point, an auto call distribution (ACD) system routes the call to the correct executive who can handle the call. This makes sure that the calls are received by right personnel in the right department. The ACD and VoIP/CRM integration help in successful and effective completion of the calls with the customers being satisfied at the end of the call.

Presence Of More Value Added Features

CRM and VoIP technologies integration ensure that the calls can be monitored. However, this is not all. It is just the beginning. Besides monitoring, calls can also be recorded. You can keep track of customer requirements, issues, queries and grievances or demands. These features also help the management to provide feedback and training to the support staff, which helps businesses to improve their service.

These are just some of the advantages. A successful integration between CRM and the VoIP will provide a host of other advantages that businesses, as well as customers, can enjoy.

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