Telephone Systems, Communication, and Business

A clear line of communication is the best way to achieve business success. It’s important that your team is able to openly and clearly communicate with your customers as well as one another. This is the only way that your business can continue to grow and flourish. To improve your communication processes, you’ll need to start with the right tools and systems in place. Below, we’ll talk more about what considerations you will need to make when working to improve your business communications processes. Read more

Which Phone System Should I Use for My NC Business?

In business, success starts and ends with the phone system that you have. Seem far fetched? If you cannot properly connect to your customers or leads, it will lead to a major decrease in customer satisfaction and/or revenue.

Keep your small to mid-sized business equipped at all times with the best phone systems in the industry to give customers the best experience possible, track your calls effectively and build a dynamic, customer-focused business.

Utilizing a comprehensive telecommunication approach, you can constantly stay connected with your customers, usher them along the sales funnel and track your interactions to better serve the ones that got away. Modern phone systems are more than just a way to hear from your consumers, they are entirely capable of shaping and reshaping your customers’ entire interaction with your company. Always be certain that you are utilizing the best systems in the business.

Top phone systems for small businesses

Many small businesses overlook the importance of having a high quality phone system, because they are “too small”. The fact is, the smaller your business is, the greater the emphasis on making each interaction with your business count and each lead to convert. This is why investing in a phone system that can support multi-national corporations, isn’t overkill. Business phone systems are designed to be scalable and support as many, or as few users as necessary, while still offering the same advanced features that help business owners

At One Call Communications, our entire business is dedicated to creating solutions to further the success of yours and other North Carolina businesses. If you are in the market for a new phone system, consider a trusted, affordable and scalable brand like NEC.

NEC Business Phone Solutions

You can feel the tech roots of NEC with their latest series of phone solutions, Univerge, that focuses on giving business owners an anytime, anywhere approach to communication. The SV9100 system is extremely user-friendly, while also robust. Able to support over 190,000 users, SV9100 can handle businesses of any current or future size. Easy configuration, access to real-time data, anywhere accessibility and low total cost of ownership make NEC’s newest system one of most competitive options for North Carolina entrepreneurs.

Another great option for increasing productivity and connectivity within your business or with your customers, is the NEC SL1100. Whether you’re looking to support your team with a complete desktop suite to keep them equipped and on task, or you’re trying to increase mobility, the SL1100 is the multifunctional system for your growing business.


If you are looking to improve your business communications system, reach out to One Call Communications to see which solutions that we provide can offer the functions you need to take your company to the next level.

4 Effective Ways to Improve Business Communication

Having good communication skills within a business is crucial for success. These skills go far in the fostering and development of positive relationships among employees and future clients.

Poor communication skills come off badly to team members and clients, and can prevent your business from reaching its potential. Whether you are the CEO of the company, or an executive assistant, you’ll benefit significantly from using professional communication skills. Read over these excellent tips and practice them every day to effectively improve interactions among your business or team. For a truly happy and thriving business, consider turning these communications tips into habits.  

Tips for Improving Business Communication


How to Improve Business Communication

As the leading provider of phone systems in North Carolina, One Call Communications serves thousands of clients across Greenville, Rocky Mount, Goldsboro, Smithfield and Wilson. We know a lot about communication! If you’re looking for answers to your business communication needs, give us a call today. 888-323-0557 We offer sales, installation and service of business telephone equipment, voicemail and, voice and data network cabling.


How to Choose the Right Telecom Service Provider

Though unfortunate, it is not uncommon for businesses to lose a client or fail to make a new sale due to an unreliable phone system. For instance, your sales person fails to connect with a new lead because they didn’t get an important voicemail or your calls with a customer are constantly being dropped, causing them to become frustrated and take their business elsewhere. These are just a couple of examples of how choosing the wrong telecom service provider can end up costing your business.

With so many options out there, you may be wondering how you can find the right telecom service provider for your business. Below, we’ve put together a list of important things that you should look for when choosing a telecom company.

Choosing the Best Telecom Provider to Meet Your Needs

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when you are considering your different options for telecom providers:

Work with a provider that is flexible

If your business is planning for growth, it’s vital that you choose a telecom service provider that offers flexibility and scalability to keep up with your company’s growing needs. Even if you are not currently concerned with growth, there is a good chance that your business communication needs will change over time, so you need to find a provider that can accommodate these changes. Work with a telecom company that allows you to upgrade and add services or products as time goes on, and make sure that the company has historically stayed up-to-date with the fast pace of technology.

Ask questions about reliability

If you want to find a telecom solutions provider that is going to help you grow your business, it’s important that you ask questions about reliability. Though outages are sometimes inevitable due to unforeseen circumstances or inclement weather, it is important to find out how the company deals with repairing services when outages occur. In addition to asking about repair escalation procedures, you may also want to find out more about their customer support. Are you able to speak to a live person when you call the support line? This may make all the difference in your experience with this provider.

Look for local providers who can support your needs

Though choosing a local provider is not a requirement, it can offer you some benefits when it comes to customer service and support. You will want to find a telecom company that is big enough to handle all your needs, but still small enough to provide personalized service to ensure your company’s needs have been met. Finding a local provider gives you the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking for a telecom service provider that can work with you to meet your business communications needs, we invite you to discover what makes One Call Communications a leading provider of phone systems across North and South Carolina. We deliver quality Toshiba Telecom products, provide installation, and offer ongoing support for industrial and commercial clients of all sizes across the Carolinas. For more information about how we might be able to help you communicate and collaborate more effectively, give us a call today: (888) 323-0557.