Which Phone System Should I Use for My NC Business?

In business, success starts and ends with the phone system that you have. Seem far fetched? If you cannot properly connect to your customers or leads, it will lead to a major decrease in customer satisfaction and/or revenue.

Keep your small to mid-sized business equipped at all times with the best phone systems in the industry to give customers the best experience possible, track your calls effectively and build a dynamic, customer-focused business.

Utilizing a comprehensive telecommunication approach, you can constantly stay connected with your customers, usher them along the sales funnel and track your interactions to better serve the ones that got away. Modern phone systems are more than just a way to hear from your consumers, they are entirely capable of shaping and reshaping your customers’ entire interaction with your company. Always be certain that you are utilizing the best systems in the business.

Top phone systems for small businesses

Many small businesses overlook the importance of having a high quality phone system, because they are “too small”. The fact is, the smaller your business is, the greater the emphasis on making each interaction with your business count and each lead to convert. This is why investing in a phone system that can support multi-national corporations, isn’t overkill. Business phone systems are designed to be scalable and support as many, or as few users as necessary, while still offering the same advanced features that help business owners

At One Call Communications, our entire business is dedicated to creating solutions to further the success of yours and other North Carolina businesses. If you are in the market for a new phone system, consider a trusted, affordable and scalable brand like NEC.

NEC Business Phone Solutions

You can feel the tech roots of NEC with their latest series of phone solutions, Univerge, that focuses on giving business owners an anytime, anywhere approach to communication. The SV9100 system is extremely user-friendly, while also robust. Able to support over 190,000 users, SV9100 can handle businesses of any current or future size. Easy configuration, access to real-time data, anywhere accessibility and low total cost of ownership make NEC’s newest system one of most competitive options for North Carolina entrepreneurs.

Another great option for increasing productivity and connectivity within your business or with your customers, is the NEC SL1100. Whether you’re looking to support your team with a complete desktop suite to keep them equipped and on task, or you’re trying to increase mobility, the SL1100 is the multifunctional system for your growing business.


If you are looking to improve your business communications system, reach out to One Call Communications to see which solutions that we provide can offer the functions you need to take your company to the next level.

How Can Business Phones Increase Your Revenue?

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Business phones to earn more revenue.

All over the world, small as well as medium sized businesses are switching to VoIP because it is positively impacting their revenue. Small and medium scale businesses are able to create a professional image for their businesses and provide customer satisfaction that, till now, only big corporations were able to deliver.

Here are the 6 ways that an efficient business phone system can increase your revenue:

  • Expansion of the sales pipeline – You and your business executives will be able to penetrate new markets by calling up new customers. The employees of your organization will be able to reach out different customers located at remote locations around the world. Thus, you get the opportunity to penetrate new markets without incurring huge marketing expenses.
  • Up selling – Every time any of your customers call up the company, you will be able to immediately view all the historical data pertaining to the customer. As the VoIP system can be easily integrated with the centralized Customer Management System or CMS, all the customer data can be accessed whenever a customer calls up. The moment you have the vital data about a customer, you will be able to sell your services or products with ease. The customer will feel important because you can discuss their last purchase from your company and the products or services that would suit them for their current purchase. You can make every customer feel important by ‘remembering’ everything about him.
  • Cross selling will be easier – As soon as you have a prospect on the phone, you can inform them about the alternate products or services that your company offers. You will be able to create an interest for your products and services if they complement their last purchase. The customer information will be at your finger tips and in case a customer wants to get the product delivered at a particular location, you will be able to look up and inform them whether it can be done by your company or not. The integration of the business phone with the CMS can definitely boost your sales revenue figures.
  • Increase the volume of outbound calls – You will be able to increase the number of outbound calls by using the features like one-click dialing. This will definitely help you to reach out to a larger number of customers within a stipulated time period. Thus, you have the option of increasing your sales by making more calls, which will eventually lead to higher revenue.
  • Handle higher number of calls – You will also be able to handle larger call volumes at any given point in time. VoIP business phones have automatic call routing feature that helps the customers to reach the customer care executives without any delay. Your telemarketers will be able to make calls from their homes as well because they are not restricted to their desks. They can log in to the centralized communication system and make calls effortlessly, while they are miles away from their desks. Thus, this will add the required flexibility in terms of workload and enhance productivity. All this would add up to an increase in your revenues.
  • No calls go unanswered – the automated attendant feature added to the system can reduce the call drop rates at your office. You or your employees will be able to set the automated call attendant and direct the calls to other executives at the office. Thus, your customers never feel left out whenever they call. Your customers will know that your company is always there to listen to their problems and provide them with a solution. This will increase the number of satisfied customers, which again will reflect in higher revenues.

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