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Top Features of VOIP For Business

VoIP for business is usually misunderstood to favor only large scale businesses and the ones that have deep pockets. However, just the opposite is true. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is extremely cost effective and can be leveraged by any business regardless of its size and scale. Every business, including the ones that operate on a shoestring budget can take advantage of it it.

Let us understand the top features of VoIP for business.

These features help SMBs to compete with their more fancied counterparts – even on a global scale. VoIP helps these small companies to expand their coverage and control and manage their budget at the same time. This is where VoIP for business makes all the difference.

Let us look into some of the VoIP for business features that are beneficial for the SMBs.

Follow Me – Find Me

This is one of the most popular VoIP phone system features that can help small scale businesses a lot. It delivers great flexibility for any employee who is on the move constantly. This is particularly applicable for the sales and marketing representatives. It helps them keep in constant touch with the clients, management and others, regardless of their location, at any given point in time. The technology also helps by forwarding any call from the office to the smartphone, PDA or laptop, regardless of their location.

Auto Attendant

This is another extremely important communication solution that is offered by VoIP for business. It eliminates the need to hire any receptionist to receive and route the incoming calls. The auto attendant feature offers auto-routing facility and the option of voicemail. It also offers the option of offering a standardized greeting to the callers in an extremely friendly manner. The greeting represents the company and plays the role of its voice, in a most professional manner.


The unified communication technology offers the option of web as well as video conferencing to small scale businesses for unlimited period of time, all without any extra costs. Naturally, that helps these businesses to compete on a global scale.

This particular feature helps SMBs look at taking their communication to the next level without incurring any costs. With conferencing, you can make a sales pitch or run a demo right from your office. You can run training classes on your products and answer specific questions or issues that your client and users may have.

Presence Management

This is another feature that does a world of good for any small scale business so far as its internal organizational behavior and customer service are concerned. The feature makes sure that a staff, who is present in the office throughout the working hours, can be reached in a jiffy – via phone, IM or email. This no doubt strengthens employee productivity, and customer support.

ADS or Automated Directory Service

This is one value added features of a VoIP for business system that has been added recently. This particular option allows customers and external callers to get to a particular person by merely uttering his or her name or her extension number. ADS can be set up in a perfect way so that it works smoothly for the ones with heavily accented voices. It can be programmed to respond to voices of different pitches, so that it works equally well for every person – both men and women of different ages and ethnic origin.

So regardless of the scale of the business that is using this technology. VoIP for business is designed to be effective for every organization. In fact, the advantages it offers to SMBs are more in terms of enabling these small companies to grow.

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