UCedge, Unified Communications Solutions from Toshiba.

UCedge, Unified Communication

If you are used to Unified Communication applications, you would understand it needs a bit more resources than just a telephone end device. In order to use all the capabilities of UC, you would need to manage files, multiple applications, and maybe even videos. Till now this meant being tied to your desk.

Now, when you are using Toshiba’s on-premise or cloud based phone systems, you are no longer tied to your desk. With a common user interface across platforms, you can access all your unified communication applications from a tablet, a laptop, or even your smart phone. UCedge application is available on Windows, iOS, and Android, making it literally universal.

More details on UCedge and it utility are available here.

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One Call Communications is a leading provider of phone systems in North Carolina. We serve thousands of clients across Greenville, Rocky Mt., Goldsboro, Smithfield, & Wilson. We sell, install, and service business telephone equipment, voicemail and, voice and data network cabling. We install and service premium quality products from Toshiba Telecom. We serve both commercial and industrial clients.

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