VoIP Equipment – Common Hardware Devices

Implementing any new technology in your business is going to take a bit of time and effort. At One Call Communications, we want you to understand what the different equipment does and why you might need it. When it comes to getting VoIP, there are certain pieces of equipment that, while not absolutely necessary, will help to make the service all the more user-friendly and ensure that it handles just like a traditional telephone. So when you decide to get VoIP installed in your workplace, we want to make sure that you know what kind of equipment you will need and why. This will allow you to enjoy a service unparalleled by any traditional phone and ensure that you keep all of your costs as low as possible.

ATAAnalogue Telephone Adaptors (ATA)

In essence, an analogue telephone adaptor is a special device that you can use in order to connect your traditional telephones to the more sophisticated VoIP that is digital in nature. An adaptor like this is useful because it allows you to use the analogue end points (read telephones) you already have. The only difference here is that your analog phones can now make VoIP calls as well. The device itself looks like a small box. It is equipped with a power adaptor, a foreign exchange station (FXS), telephone ports and an Ethernet port. In most cases, it is possible to plug in multiple telephones to the system. You can decide on the number and configuration based on the office layout you have.

IP Telephone Setscloud telephony

If you are setting up a company for the first time and voice communication is a critical part of your business strategy, you will need endpoints or phones. In this case, look for two variants – a digital phone and an IP Phone. A digital phone can work with your VoIP system with certain limitations. An IP Phone, on the other hand, has no limitation. Capable of understanding HTTP code, your IP phone can be connected directly to an Ethernet port. It can be used to register with the VoIP system and have an IP address that is needed.

VoIP Routers

IP_RouterA VoIP router is also called a VoIP gateway. Usually used in small offices, the VoIP router enables telephony over the Internet network. Many of these routers feature built-in adapters to connect telephone directly.

PC Handsets

If you plan to use your PC for VoIP, make sure it can handle voice and video. If your PC is not designed with an in-built microphone or a webcam, then it may be necessary to get some of this extra equipment. This equipment that you use is going to ensure that you get the best quality experience. If your PC has a Mic-In and Audio-out, these ports can be used to connect an external handset to make and receive call.
A webcam can be used in order to carry out video-conferencing calls. Webcams will allow the other person to see you and a good microphone can ensure that everything runs smoothly.

PC Headsets

A PC headset will ensure that the VoIP call you make sounds a lot better. There will be a personal microphone that you can speak into so the other person can hear it. As well as this, you will be equipped with a headset that allows you to hear the other person with ease and without interruptions. This will all help to increase call quality.

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