Make Your IVR Interesting

Tips to Make Your IVR Productive The IVR that you set for your customers is the very first point of contact between them and you. Just as the receptionist once used to be the face of a business, so is the IVR today. Hence, it is important that you make sure that your IVR is

VoIP Advantages

6 VoIP Advantages

6 Things You Didn’t Know About VoIP Apart from the customary VoIP advantages that you get, there are certain other associated parameters of this technology that you might have never thought about. Let us look into 6 of these ‘other’ advantages that you may have never been considered while discussing or thinking about Skype. 1)

VoIP Security Threats

VoIP Security Threats

Cyber security is of great concern, especially because more and more sophisticated mobile devices are being added to the network. There is every possibility of things going awry as miscreants can exploit vulnerabilities in the system and network to create problems. Digital threats are equally applicable to individuals as well as organizations. VoIP too is

The Future of Mobile VoIP

The new VoIP or Voice over Internet technology has changed the world of telecommunication over its head. Today, wireless technology exploits in all possible ways, the very opportunities that VoIP comes up with. Take for instance, the issue of Skype. This VoIP based communication service provider has revolutionized the idea of face to face conversation

7 Ways Web Conferencing Helps Business

The world of telecommunication has undergone a huge transformation with the introduction of VoIP technology. The technology has affected our daily lives as well as our professional lives in a huge way. When it comes to professional application of this technology, the most amazing change has been in the way conferencing is done. While previously,

VoIP Security Issues & SMBs

VoIP has revolutionized the concept of communication in the business fraternity and the technology is attractively inexpensive. This is why even small businesses that run on shoestring budgets can afford to have this technology installed. However, the technology is not without any downside. In fact, it comes with a number of VoIP security issues that smaller

Collaboration and Its Benefits

We often use the word “Collaboration” when it comes to working with other team members from our organization or another company. Collaboration is the term used to imply people working in a team for a common cause by sharing data, voice and video. In majority of the modern organizations, collaboration signifies the use of server

Thoughts On Cloud Security

Think the Cloud is Not Secure? Well, Think Again Security on the cloud is the most debatable subject and over the last few years some of the myths related to cloud security have been busted. Well, the cloud has been the centre of attraction for hackers, data addicts and spies because of the volume of

How Can Structured Cabling Benefit Your Business?

The network cabling infrastructure of your company might not look to be a very important part of your IT infrastructure; however, a small glitch in the cabling can wreak havoc on the company’s IT system, data flow and communication system. Your IT strategies will go awry whenever there is even a small problem with the

Trim Your Telecom Costs with SIP Trunking

Companies reeling under the pressure of huge telephone bills do not realize that there is help in the form of a telecommunication technology – SIP Trunking. In order to survive in the competitive market, companies need to not only have a robust telephone system and data lines but they also have to cater to the