Getting The Max Out Of Your VoIP

Test Your VoIP System to Get Maximum Output Interoperability is the most crucial feature of an IP-PBX solution. Companies always try to maintain their IP phone services, which include devices like SIP phones, SBC and other IP equipment. Maintaining these services can give them a better chance to cope with the different issues that crop

Tips – Choosing The Right VoIP Services

It is imperative that you choose the right VoIP service as that is the only way you can make optimum use of the technology. VoIP has a lot of advanced telephony features to offer and you need to choose the service that suits your calling needs as well as budget. The calling needs vary from

How to Run VoIP on a Wireless LAN

There are many offices where VoIP is deployed over the existing wireless LAN, so that it meets the wireless standards of communication followed in a business. The deployment of VoIP over wireless LAN is quite similar to the wired LAN and in this case the wired networks are replaced with the wireless networks for carrying

VoIP – A Cool Idea For A Small business

Small businesses often suffer from the problem of doubt and apprehension towards adopting new technologies. Such apprehensions can inhibit their growth, and restricts them from making it big in business. Often a wise decision can change the future of your business and put it on the fast track to success. If we take the case

Start Your Call Center with the Help of VoIP

People who think that call centers that have the ability to provide exceptional customer care belong in a completely different league are mistaken. The call centers that provide premium quality customer service are just a tad bit smarter than the others. Building up a call center does not necessarily need huge investments; even smaller investments

Unified Communication: For Small Businesses

Highly competitive market and limited resources implies that businesses have to work under a plan. Diverting from the plan will result in waste of both time and money. Businesses around the world are working on a tight schedule, which drives them to opt for the most efficient processes. Productivity and efficiency of a business process

Why StartUps Should Consider Using VoIP

When you start your own business, two factors to consider are growth and scalability. While you may be looking to make a lot of money in the future, the hard fact remains that you will probably not have a lot of money to begin with unless you have a very generous investor. As a result,

Why Do Companies Want VoIP?

When you work with One Call Communications, implementing VoIP in your office or business is not going to cost you a lot, and there are many other benefits that this can bring. As a business, you need to ensure that you have a secure and reliable form of communications. This will help you to keep

VoIP Equipment – Common Hardware Devices

Implementing any new technology in your business is going to take a bit of time and effort. At One Call Communications, we want you to understand what the different equipment does and why you might need it. When it comes to getting VoIP, there are certain pieces of equipment that, while not absolutely necessary, will

Cloud Telephony – Boon or Bane?

Before we start looking at the aspects of cloud telephony, let us first get a quick understanding of what cloud telephony is. Cloud telephony is called by various names – cloud telephony, cloud telephones, cloud phones, hosted telephone system and so on. Cloud or hosted telephone system takes the concept of VoIP phones systems a