How to Succeed at Web Conferencing

Some types of business meetings need face-to-face meetings with clients. If you feel that the virtual environment is right for a meeting, absolutely choose it. Web conferencing eliminates the hassle and costs associated with business travel. However, your conference will still need the same amount of forethought and effort. Keep your attendees focused and active in your meeting with the following tips.

Guide to VoIP: A Business Telephone System

When you’ve been exploring options for telephones in the office, you’ve surely encountered VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. This technology enables you to make a call using data instead of hard sound. You speak into a phone, the system translates it into data that can be transmitted easier and cheaper than sound, then the other end of the line (a computer again) changes it back to sound output.

Thinking About Switching to VoIP? 3 Things You Need to Consider

Every business needs a reliable phone system. The phone system plays a vital role in employee productivity and customer satisfaction. However, traditional business phone systems just don’t offer the same flexibility or features as VoIP business telephone services. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to VoIP, there are a few things that you’ll need to consider beforehand.

Consider This Before Switching to VoIP

Before you make the big switch, there are a few things that you’ll need to consider. Below are just a few important factors:

  1. Bandwidth Needs

VoIP phone services route voice traffic over the Internet. This means that you’ll need to consider your data bandwidth and voice traffic needs before choosing the right solution for your business. Instead of thinking about how many voice lines you will need on your business telephone system, you’ll now be considering how many different voice sessions you need to take place at the same time.

Don’t just think about your current data bandwidth needs. You want a business communication solution that can grow as your company does. Consider what your bandwidth needs might be in the future, and take this into consideration when discussing your options with your telecom provider.

  1. Phone Equipment

When you start using VoIP services, you will need to have equipment that’s equipped with Ethernet support. Your current phone equipment may not work with your new VoIP system. Find out from your VoIP provider if you will need to purchase new equipment in order to enjoy the benefits of VoIP. If you do need new phone equipment, you’ll want to consider how many phones your office needs and determine your price range.

If you do need new phone equipment, One Call Communications can help suggest the right equipment for your business. We have a wide variety of VoIP systems to meet your business needs and fit your budget. Our team will work with you to find the right solutions for your office.

  1. Employee Training

Another thing that you will need to consider before you make the switch to VoIP is how you plan to train your employees on the new system. Your new phone system will only be effective if you and your employees know how to use it. In order to get the most out of your new system and avoid any headaches along the way, you’ll want to make sure that you train your team on how to use the new system before your new system goes live.

There are a number of different ways that you can support your team through the transition to VoIP. Set up an in-person training and make sure that all team members have access to training manuals, tutorials, and videos before you completely switch over. Making sure that everyone knows how to use the new equipment will help ensure a smooth transition.

Are you ready to make the switch to VoIP? Contact our team of VoIP experts today to find out what system might be right for your business.

Which Phone System Should I Use for My NC Business?

In business, success starts and ends with the phone system that you have. Seem far fetched? If you cannot properly connect to your customers or leads, it will lead to a major decrease in customer satisfaction and/or revenue.

Keep your small to mid-sized business equipped at all times with the best phone systems in the industry to give customers the best experience possible, track your calls effectively and build a dynamic, customer-focused business.

Utilizing a comprehensive telecommunication approach, you can constantly stay connected with your customers, usher them along the sales funnel and track your interactions to better serve the ones that got away. Modern phone systems are more than just a way to hear from your consumers, they are entirely capable of shaping and reshaping your customers’ entire interaction with your company. Always be certain that you are utilizing the best systems in the business.

Top phone systems for small businesses

Many small businesses overlook the importance of having a high quality phone system, because they are “too small”. The fact is, the smaller your business is, the greater the emphasis on making each interaction with your business count and each lead to convert. This is why investing in a phone system that can support multi-national corporations, isn’t overkill. Business phone systems are designed to be scalable and support as many, or as few users as necessary, while still offering the same advanced features that help business owners

At One Call Communications, our entire business is dedicated to creating solutions to further the success of yours and other North Carolina businesses. If you are in the market for a new phone system, consider a trusted, affordable and scalable brand like NEC.

NEC Business Phone Solutions

You can feel the tech roots of NEC with their latest series of phone solutions, Univerge, that focuses on giving business owners an anytime, anywhere approach to communication. The SV9100 system is extremely user-friendly, while also robust. Able to support over 190,000 users, SV9100 can handle businesses of any current or future size. Easy configuration, access to real-time data, anywhere accessibility and low total cost of ownership make NEC’s newest system one of most competitive options for North Carolina entrepreneurs.

Another great option for increasing productivity and connectivity within your business or with your customers, is the NEC SL1100. Whether you’re looking to support your team with a complete desktop suite to keep them equipped and on task, or you’re trying to increase mobility, the SL1100 is the multifunctional system for your growing business.


If you are looking to improve your business communications system, reach out to One Call Communications to see which solutions that we provide can offer the functions you need to take your company to the next level.

Integrate VoIP and CRM

We have spoken a lot about VoIP and CRM and their technical features. There is simply no need to discuss them individually. Both VOIP and CRM are tried and tested technologies with lots of merits.

Let us take a look at the advantages of integrating them. Before we get into the points one by one, one special aspect of the integration needs to be mentioned. The successful marriage between these two very different communication technologies has already brought in a revolution in the world of telecommunication.

Cost Cutting With VoIP

The presence of a redundant PSTN phone communication system along with an existing broadband connection will result in increased communication costs. A successful integration of the CRM and the VoIP helps in a drastic cost-cutting. A large number of long distance calls can be made over the broadband connection, thus negating the extra cost of long distance calls over PSTN phone lines.

Improvement of Communication Quality

When we talk about communicating with customers, the quality of communication is the most important factor. Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect in the field of communication. While modern technologies enable people to seamlessly communicate by chatting or emailing, a voice call is always unparalleled in effect and satisfaction. Everyone feels more comfortable to talk to or listen to the other person. Here the quality of calls is the most important factor. A successful integration between the VoIP and the CRM helps the qualitative aspects of the calls. With VoIP, people can talk to each other for unlimited amounts of time, without having to worry about costs, or suffer from dropped calls or choppy voices.

Improved Data Management Mechanism

A communication system that has CRM and VoIP systems successfully integrated goes a long way in saving time as well as money. The moment a call from a customer is connected, the integrated system draws information from the database and displays it for the executive. This could include name, contact details, phone numbers, orders, mailing addresses, support tickets, history of purchases or orders. The call center executives do not have to ask for these details from the customers. The executive saves time and gets into the crux of the call immediately. They can keep the call limited to understanding and resolving issues of the customer. The executive call also utilise the saved time in up-selling or pitching for additional products or services.

When you address a customer by name, and you seem to know what he has ordered for or is using, he becomes more pliable. He instinctively feels the company has a professional attitude and knows how to manage its customers.

This improves the overall quality of the calls besides helping data management in a big way.

Helps in Professional Handling of the Call

A successful integration of CRM and VoIP helps the handling of each and every call in a more professional way. This is done with the help of proper queuing and routing of the calls. When a call is received at one point, an auto call distribution (ACD) system routes the call to the correct executive who can handle the call. This makes sure that the calls are received by right personnel in the right department. The ACD and VoIP/CRM integration help in successful and effective completion of the calls with the customers being satisfied at the end of the call.

Presence Of More Value Added Features

CRM and VoIP technologies integration ensure that the calls can be monitored. However, this is not all. It is just the beginning. Besides monitoring, calls can also be recorded. You can keep track of customer requirements, issues, queries and grievances or demands. These features also help the management to provide feedback and training to the support staff, which helps businesses to improve their service.

These are just some of the advantages. A successful integration between CRM and the VoIP will provide a host of other advantages that businesses, as well as customers, can enjoy.

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Data Security And Public WiFi Networks

There is no lack of free Wi-Fi networks in all the major cities and towns across the world. As a traveler, you will always find Wi-Fi networks at various public places like restaurants, airports, hotels and even in parks. This is a real boon for people who want to work on the go or simply stay connected. However, one thing that we often forget to consider is the data security risks involved in getting hooked up to these unreliable networks.

We often tend to overlook the data security aspect of public networks due to our eagerness to enjoy a free Internet connection. We skip the general welcome screen or any other pop up messages while signing up. This is a perfect set up for marketing firms that are ready to give free bandwidth in exchange for your phone number or email address.

Would you give up your privacy just to get free Internet at a public place?

Providing personal information can set you up for bigger problems like fraud and scams. Thus, it is important to read all the clauses included in the terms and conditions screen to ensure data security. You will get to learn how the Internet service provider intends to use the information. Is the Internet connection worth the information you’re providing? An alternate email id that you do not use for any other purpose can come in handy during such a situation.

Regular travelers can stick to only the official or advertised Wi-Fi networks, which are set up at airports, coffee shops, bars etc. There are several instances of hackers setting up free Wi-Fi networks to trap unsuspecting users. In case you come across networks that look too fishy or offer unimaginable freebies then it is best to avoid such networks.

Here are some tips to ensure watertight data security even when you are connected to free public Wi-Fi networks:

Secure Apps and Websites

It is important that you only use secure apps and websites while on a free public Wi-Fi network. Secure websites are marked by the green padlock that appears on the address bar of a browser. Refrain from doing anything important while you are using unsecured connection and that will automatically ensure data security. Hackers won’t be able to steal your personal information because all your transactions are carried out on secure websites.

In case you’re using your phone to connect to an unsecure network, use the browser instead of an app. Browsers verify everything before establishing a connection and the minute they detect anything fishy, your connection will be cut. Apps on the other hand are unable to verify bogus credentials and will give access to bots quite easily. You’re at the mercy of scammers while using apps on a public Wi-Fi network.

Installing VPN App For Data Security

Installing a VPN app can make your browsing extremely safe on unsecured Wi-Fi networks. This will protect you from snooping, besides hiding your location details. Any traffic that passes through the VPN app is rerouted to encrypted and dedicated server that guarantees absolute data security.

VPN services don’t come for free and you will have to subscribe for a reputable service that ensures total protection. There are several companies that provide mobile and desktop apps that are both easy to install and use.

Many reputable companies are offering their VPN services and you can choose the one that suits your budget and requirements.

You can even give free VPN services a try; there are a few that are quite good and enjoy a good reputation in the market.

Stay safe and protect yourself and you family.

About One Call Communications

One Call Communications is a leading provider of phone systems in North Carolina. We serve thousands of clients across Greenville, Rocky Mt., Goldsboro, Smithfield, & Wilson. We sell, install, and service business telephone equipment, voicemail and, voice and data network cabling. Our installation and service includes premium quality products from Toshiba Telecom. We serve both commercial and industrial clients.

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Ways to Address VoIP QOS Issues

VoIP-based technology has taken over the world of communication. There is no doubt about it. However, the thing is that this new technology is not always foolproof. There have been cases when the users are troubled by call quality issues and related problems. They try various troubleshooting tools and steps to solve the issue. At times these tools and steps work. At times they don’t. And when they don’t, questions are raised about the efficacy of this new technology. The truth is that no technology has been and will be foolproof. It is up to the users to find ways to get rid of the limitations. It’s the same way with VoIP QOS issues. Here are some of these effective ways to manage VoIP QOS.

Upgrading the Internet Connection

The quality of VoIP calls nosedive due to an old internet connection. Technology has changed with the times. Hence, if anyone continues with the connection that they started their business with some 10 years back, it is bound to give trouble now. VoIP systems use the Internet connection as well as the network for sending and receiving data. If the Internet connection lacks the bandwidth to do those activities, the quality of calls will take a beating. It is important to upgrade your Internet connection to make sure you have optimal VoIP QOS. The best thing to do is to get in touch with your Internet service provider (ISP). They will help in choosing the right connection tier that will meet the required speed. If they are unable to do that, and you are experiencing sustained loss in voice quality and bandwidth speed, it is time to look for an alternative ISP.

Implementation of VoIP QOS Features

When any document is transferred over a network, a few packets might get dropped here and there. That does not make a difference during file transfers. However, when it comes to VoIP, the voice quality might get distorted due to this issue. The issue is that the network equipment does not treat data and voice calls in different ways. A loss in bandwidth will throttle voice channels leading to a loss of voice packets and voice quality.

New Headsets For VoIP QOS

At times, old headsets might get in the way of high-quality VoIP calls. Wireless devices might be expedient for users, but the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi connections do not support the same speed as direct links. This might affect your call quality. That is why the headsets need to be at their best, to make sure that the calls are of optimal quality.

Presence of a Guaranteed Contention Ratio

A contention ratio is the numbers of users who share a particular bandwidth. The ideal ratio for home users is 50:1 and for businesses 20:1. If this ratio is not maintained by the ISP, the connection speed you will experience at your end will throttle your VoIP QOS. This affects the quality of the calls. This is where the presence of a guaranteed contention ratio comes into play. The ISP should provide a consistent access to a particular bandwidth during the peak time of usage. This helps to maintain the call quality.

Network Optimization

The configuration of an existing network needs to be optimized. This is necessary when a user switches from the conventional communication network to VoIP. VoIP technology has its own demands and requirements. Thus, it is imperative to check whether the existing network is sufficient to support VoIP calls. If not, then the network needs to be optimized to make sure it supports VoIP calls. This also guarantees the quality of the calls.

These are pretty simple steps one can execute and make a world of difference in VoIP QOS.

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One Call Communications is a leading provider of phone systems in North Carolina. We serve thousands of clients across Greenville, Rocky Mt., Goldsboro, Smithfield, & Wilson. We sell, install, and service business telephone equipment, voicemail and, voice and data network cabling. Our installation and service includes premium quality products from Toshiba Telecom. We serve both commercial and industrial clients.

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VoIP Call Center

VoIP call centers have all the right ingredients to deliver improved customer satisfaction. And, customer service plays a critical role for the success of brands all over the world. Industry pundits firmly believe that customer service and not price will be the primary brand differentiation in the coming years. Recent reports from McKinsey reveal that companies investing in superior customer support are going to drive in 10%-15% higher revenue and witness 20% rise in customer satisfaction rates. VoIP call center are going to play a crucial role in delivering better customer experience. The selection of technology for operating contact centers will be extremely important.

It is a known fact that call centers use complex telephony systems. However, with the rise in competition, the push to provide better client services has also gained momentum. VoIP call centers are looking beyond the conventional telephony features to enhance their customer service. VoIP, or, Voice over Internet Telephony services are loaded with incredible features that facilitate better customer service as well as cost savings for companies. The use of VoIP is not at all risky or foolish – in fact it is a necessity for any modern business. Let us look at some of the most compelling reasons behind choosing VoIP:

Ultimate Flexibility Through Call Routing

The availability of customized options for ACD (Automated Call Distribution) makes it easier for the business to decide the routing of calls among customer representatives or employees of various departments. Once an business has finalized the classification of its employees, it can choose any of the call distribution options like regular distribution, circular distribution, and weighted distribution. Thus, VoIP offers the ultimate flexibility to companies to create their customized call distribution solution, which fits the expertise of their agents.

Scaling Up Of Operations

Call volumes have predictable patterns and there are months, weeks, and days when they can really peak. Often it is seen that during festivals and holidays the call volumes increase massively. Companies should be ready to tackle higher call volumes by adding more lines to their existing telephony system. VoIP management portals help companies to easily manage their number of telephone lines which can be increased or decreased with just a few clicks. Thus, scaling up of operations is a matter of a few minutes for VoIP call centers.

Remote Workforce Stay Connected

Modern businesses are recruiting flexible workforce who work from various parts of the world (even from their homes). Now managing such a hugely distributed workforce can be extremely stressful and inefficient when they fail to stay connected to a central communication system. A VoIP call center is the perfect solution for managing remote workers who can stay connected with their respective departments.

Push for Automation

Customer telephone systems can be easily automated with the help of various add-on features. Often we get to see customers getting frustrated while encountering lengthy phone menus. This problem can be tackled with the help of IVR that VoIP systems offer. Interactive Voice Recognition will certainly improve call routing. Visual voicemail along with email inbox integration are some other features that would push for the automation of a company’s communication system.

VoIP Call Center Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Customers are very impatient by nature and a slight delay can cause permanent damage to a company’s image. Modern companies need to address urgency factor and reach out to customers instantly. This can be achieved only when the enterprises become a VoIP call center, which can ultimately lead to better customer satisfaction.

Companies looking to improve their customer satisfaction need to improve their contact centers. Customer service agents play a very crucial role during client interactions and you need to equip them with the best telephony technology.

About One Call Communications

One Call Communications is a leading provider of phone systems in North Carolina. We serve thousands of clients across Greenville, Rocky Mt., Goldsboro, Smithfield, & Wilson. We sell, install, and service business telephone equipment, voicemail and, voice and data network cabling. We install and service premium quality products from Toshiba Telecom. We serve both commercial and industrial clients.

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Encrypt for Better VoIP Security

VoIP security is critical if you want to use your phone without worries. If you are a VoIP user, it is imperative to learn ways to keep your communication system protected from unwanted breaches and hacks. VoIP has revolutionized communication in a big way; however, it has also given rise to a number of security concerns. These concerns over the last few years have been the center point of several debates.

The introduction of VoIP technology is coupled with the advent of a number of hacking software as well. Thanks to these software packages, instances of hacking have reached an all time zenith over recent times. Thus, the situation demands a strong enough encryption for the VoIP. A strong VoIP security blanket would ensure that data pilferage is kept at bay. It also ensures that no one is able to eavesdrop on conversations carried over VoIP communication devices.

All VoIP based calls are made digitally. This makes tapping of VoIP calls far easier than tapping conversations carried over conventional telecommunication lines. That is the reason, VoIP security is so important and encryption is the best way to maintain privacy.

Let us discuss some of the easiest and most guaranteed ways of data encryption of a VoIP based network.

Zfone for VoIP Security

This is one most effective software packages that is designed and developed to provide VoIP security, with the use of ZRTP or Z and Real-time Transport Protocol. ZRTP is a cryptographic key-agreement protocol, meant for negotiating the encryption keys between the end point pair of a VoIP phone call, based on Real-time Transport Protocol.

Service Provider Encryption

Service Provider Encryption provided by Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) is a specially designed software library, which is programmed to implement Microsoft CryptoAPI (CAPI). CSPs put into action various effective encoding and decoding functions usable by the computer application programs. These functions are used for carrying out operations like providing strong user authentication or security to emails.

IP Security and Transport Layer Security

Transport Layer Security (TLS), which is an advanced version of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a cryptographic protocol. It is designed to provide communications security to a computer network. The protocol is available in different versions to be used in various applications like internet faxing, web browsing, instant messaging, email, not to mention VoIP based communication systems.

Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), on the other hand is a protocol suite designed for securing the Internet Protocol (IP) communications. It does so through the process of authenticating as well as encrypting each and every IP packet of a particular communication session. IPsec includes protocols that are programmed to establish mutual authentication between the agents at the beginning of a session. It also includes negotiation of the cryptographic keys used during that session. IPsec is used for safeguarding transfer of data between a couple of hosts (host-to-host), a couple of security gateways (network-to-network), or between a security gateway and a host (network-to-host). Internet Protocol security (IPsec) uses various cryptographic security services to provide foolproof VoIP security.

Session Initiation Protocol

This is another very widely used protocol that provides VoIP security. It basically is a communication protocol that is designed for signaling as well as controlling the multimedia communication sessions.

The protocol actually defines the messages, which are transferred from the two end points that control the termination, establishment and other critical elements of a particular VoIP call.

There are endless ways to provide security and safety to a VoIP based communication system. Experts are of the opinion that the more security blankets are provided, the better it is for the VoIP set up from the safety point of view. However, the ones mentioned are the most practiced and tried and tested, for the purpose of providing VoIP security.

As more and more organizations are transitioning from the traditional public branch exchanges (PBXs) to the Internet-based PBXs, the Internet is becoming an enticing hunting ground for the malicious hackers. Hence, against this background, more and more encryption methods are being adapted by people to provide security to VoIP communication systems.

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One Call Communications is a leading provider of phone systems in North Carolina. We serve thousands of clients across Greenville, Rocky Mt., Goldsboro, Smithfield, & Wilson. We sell, install, and service business telephone equipment, voicemail and, voice and data network cabling. We install and service premium quality products from Toshiba Telecom. We serve both commercial and industrial clients.

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Top Features of VOIP For Business

VoIP for business is usually misunderstood to favor only large scale businesses and the ones that have deep pockets. However, just the opposite is true. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is extremely cost effective and can be leveraged by any business regardless of its size and scale. Every business, including the ones that operate on a shoestring budget can take advantage of it it.

Let us understand the top features of VoIP for business.

These features help SMBs to compete with their more fancied counterparts – even on a global scale. VoIP helps these small companies to expand their coverage and control and manage their budget at the same time. This is where VoIP for business makes all the difference.

Let us look into some of the VoIP for business features that are beneficial for the SMBs.

Follow Me – Find Me

This is one of the most popular VoIP phone system features that can help small scale businesses a lot. It delivers great flexibility for any employee who is on the move constantly. This is particularly applicable for the sales and marketing representatives. It helps them keep in constant touch with the clients, management and others, regardless of their location, at any given point in time. The technology also helps by forwarding any call from the office to the smartphone, PDA or laptop, regardless of their location.

Auto Attendant

This is another extremely important communication solution that is offered by VoIP for business. It eliminates the need to hire any receptionist to receive and route the incoming calls. The auto attendant feature offers auto-routing facility and the option of voicemail. It also offers the option of offering a standardized greeting to the callers in an extremely friendly manner. The greeting represents the company and plays the role of its voice, in a most professional manner.


The unified communication technology offers the option of web as well as video conferencing to small scale businesses for unlimited period of time, all without any extra costs. Naturally, that helps these businesses to compete on a global scale.

This particular feature helps SMBs look at taking their communication to the next level without incurring any costs. With conferencing, you can make a sales pitch or run a demo right from your office. You can run training classes on your products and answer specific questions or issues that your client and users may have.

Presence Management

This is another feature that does a world of good for any small scale business so far as its internal organizational behavior and customer service are concerned. The feature makes sure that a staff, who is present in the office throughout the working hours, can be reached in a jiffy – via phone, IM or email. This no doubt strengthens employee productivity, and customer support.

ADS or Automated Directory Service

This is one value added features of a VoIP for business system that has been added recently. This particular option allows customers and external callers to get to a particular person by merely uttering his or her name or her extension number. ADS can be set up in a perfect way so that it works smoothly for the ones with heavily accented voices. It can be programmed to respond to voices of different pitches, so that it works equally well for every person – both men and women of different ages and ethnic origin.

So regardless of the scale of the business that is using this technology. VoIP for business is designed to be effective for every organization. In fact, the advantages it offers to SMBs are more in terms of enabling these small companies to grow.

Call us today to understand how you can use VoIP for your own growth.

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One Call Communications is a leading provider of phone systems in North Carolina. We serve thousands of clients across Greenville, Rocky Mt., Goldsboro, Smithfield, & Wilson. We sell, install, and service business telephone equipment, voicemail and, voice and data network cabling. We install and service premium quality products from Toshiba Telecom. We serve both commercial and industrial clients.

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